Gods Upon the Year Contest

Gods Upon the Year Contest


Em hotep and welcome to the Gods Upon the Year Contest!

This year our contests are going to be a little different. In previous years we have celebrated Netjer with fun and pleasant competition for a month. This year we are going to play a different game!

Starting September 1st we will be having the Gods Upon the Year Contest that will last until July 31st. This is a year long contest but it will work a little differently than before!


How this works….

Throughout this year every month a god will be ‘appointed’ to the month. This is secular month to match the Donation Tracker. The basis is that the donation made during that month will be the number that god gets for the year. At the end of the year the god whose month had the most donations wins! Not the number of donations but the most money per month.




First Prize:
First place Name will be featured in their own custom forum theme, so the community can enjoy the name all year! They will also be featured in a painting done by A’Aqytsekhmet. The painting will then be raffled off for the community.

Second Prize:
Second place Name will be featured in a drawing by Sedfaiemitui, which will then also be raffled off for the community.

Third Prize:
Third place name will be featured in a digital drawing that will be made free to the community for avatar, fb headers, and other digital needs.


Oh wait, there’s more….

For all the months we make monthly goal the god of that month will get their own custom color forum theme! And just for being part of the contest all gods in this contest will have emoticons made for them!

Shomu List…
Those that are on Shomu list will receive scans of the prize artworks as well. So if you have not checked it out already, look into Shomu list!

Get ready everyone! And have fun.


Donation Page!





September – Ptah


October – Hethert


November – Wesir


December – Mut


January – Sekhmet


February – Nut


March – Renenutet


April – Min


May – Bast


June – Heru-wer


July – Aset

New Kemetic Year

The new Kemetic year has started.

This year we are hoping to continue to bring support to the House and the community. The House is made of so many different people. All of you add so much to the community and help provide it with a rainbow of wealth. Where ever you are, and whatever you do, thank you for how you have contributed to the House of Netjer.

Let’s march into this new year with some purpose on our shoulders and hope in our hearts!

There is still a lot to be done. We are still asking for donations to support the House with the care of Tawy. Every little bit helps so please consider donating.

Dua Yinepu! Dua Khonsu!


Praises of Netjer 2016 Contest : RESULTS

Our 2016 Praises of Netjer Contest is officially OVER!!!!

AND our winners are…

In first place, 39 votes, having won a feature song, album cover art and tshirt design is AMUN-RA!!!!!

In second place, at 35 votes, winning a feature song is Heru-sa-Aset!!!

And, a new development! In third place, at 32 votes EACH are Set and Wenut!!!!

This has truly been an intense contest this year. All the teams have done great and we have doubled the winnings of the contest since last year! We have had more votes that ever. Congratulations teams. This was fun.

The winnings will be made available as they are created. I hope everyone had fun! Join us again next year for another contest.


Finished tracker

Praises of Netjer Contest 2016

Praises of Netjer Contest!

It is that time of year again…

Our second annual Praises of Netjer Contest is here!!!
This contest is pretty simple. Votes will be cast towards a Name, any of them, and the winning
Name will have wonderful pieces created in their honor and donated to the House for the community to enjoy!


First place: Dedicated song that will be featured on our very own Sarytsenuwi’s upcoming album! The album cover art will also feature this top winner and the album art will be made available as a shirt design.

Second place: Will also have a dedicated song on the album.

Third place: Will have a dedicated song on the album.

Songs will be donated by our lovely Sarytsenuwi and the art by A’Aqytsekhmet. These files will be free to download by everyone in the community and will focus on the winning Name!

The album in its entirety will not be made public, but the contest songs will be up on kemet.org. We can’t wait to see how everything turns out! If you want a little taste of what the album and these songs will hold in store here is a Teaser Song!

Here is how it works!

To vote for a Name, simply donate to the House with a note indicating you want to vote in the contest and who you are voting for. Any amount will count as a vote whether it is $1 or more. However you can only cast one vote yourself per day. Below are the steps to cast your vote.

First: Go to Our Donation Page
Then you can do a one time donation. Click the One-time donation button.

Second: You will be taken to PayPal Donation screen
The screen will have a + symbol where you can write a Note.

Third: Fill in your Contest Entry!
In the note section put in the contest name and the god you would like to vote for!

Finally: Hit the Donate Button!
All donations are welcome. There is no minimum for voting. Every little bit helps!

The results will be updated here as we get them. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys the products of this contest!!

This contest will run until May 30th!




Team graphics to use however you find you may like. These are ones from last year as well as a couple new ones!


Using Ebay for Tawy

A lot of information has been spreading about how to use different tools to help the House of Netjer. One of the many ways is to use Ebay. Under the House’s ebay page you can see the items listed where a portion of that sale goes to the House. And you can also sell items and donate a portion of your sale to the House as well! With spring cleaning and de-cluttering happening this may be the time to help through this unique opportunity.

Ebay Page for House of Netjer

An Update

A quick update to let everyone know what is going on. We do have a new goal we are hoping to get to by the end of this month!

Our current immediate need is  $5500.
The base cost of running the temple each month is $3000 and the $2500 is the last bill for the boiler repair. Right now the boiler bill needs urgent attention for the reason that unpaid bills gather interest. So the sooner it is paid the better.

Thank you for your continued support and  help. We truly appreciate the efforts and donations of everyone of you.

Valentine’s Day Raffle! – Update

We have our winners!!!

• Hethert Sema – Unconditionally Bright- — won by Mose!
• Set Sema – Through the Hours – -won by Katbast!
• Heru-sa-Aset Sema – Beside you Always – –won by Rayashi!
• Tefnut Devotional Necklace picture — won by Mose!
• Snowflake obsidian stretch bracelet — won by Rayshi!
• Khepera pendant — won by Mose!
• Owl necklace picture — won by Katbast!

• Frigg statue picture — won by Mose!
• 2 Hethert Ceramic pieces — won by Mose!
• 2 Winged Goddess ceramic pieces — won by Rayashi!
• 1 itty-bitty Valentine Netjeru sculpt –won by A’Aqyt!
• 1 itty-bitty Valentine Netjeru sculpt — won by Mose!

-winners! please note me your addresses so I can get you your items!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our raffle! we hope to bring you some more FUNdraising events through out the year. Keep your eyes open!

From both raffle tickets and cards we have made $95! Thank you everyone!

We are always in need of donations to help keep the House and Tawy in check. Thank you everyone for your help and support. The more we continue to talk about donation and fundraising the more we hope to encourage others to support our Temple. Keep on keeping one! <3

Valentine’s Raffle!

Valentine’s Day Raffle


As we march through winter another holiday is beginning to crop up around us! And the Fundraisers thought this would be a good time to have a fun new event. So in February we are brining you….


The Valentine’s Raffle!

While now-a-days Valentine’s has been thrown a bad rap we thought it may be a good time to show each other and the House some of the love associated with this season.

But first…
On top of the raffle we are also providing some printable Valentine’s Cards for your holiday. These can be received with a small donation gift. Similar to how we did the cards this past moomas. Simply donate anything from a dollar up. Then email the ‘receipt’ to fundraisers@kemet.org and let us know what card you would like. Because the cards are donated, if you would like all of them it is suggested you donate $5 or more.




Onto the raffle!

Raffle will work how many other raffle do. You buy tickets!
But the tickets will be a space in the drawing section of your choice. Then we can randomly draw out a name for each section.

Sections you say?

Due to how popular some items may be we wanted to make sure people could choose where to focus their hard earned money. So we will have two sections….

-Jewelry and Beading



You can choose where to focus your ticket slots into which sections. If you buy multiple slots you can split them up to whatever sections you like.


Tickets, or slots, will be $5 each for any section.

How you get tickets…

Just like with the cards above you will need to donate first to donations@netjer.org Then send us the receipt at fundraisers@kemet.org.  Please send us the receipt with the numbers in it so we can see how many tickets to give you. Also when you email us the receipt let us know what section you want slots in and how many (for people that get multiple tickets).

And that is how to get in on the Raffle!!


Raffle will be pulled on Valentine’s Day. Hoping to have a fun chat event for people that may be interested in fellowship and live drawing results. Of course the winners of each items will also be posted. Watch the calendar for any chat event.


Since this event is geared towards love, this may be the time to show a special someone some extra love through helping them win an item, sending them a card, or just a message of support. Love comes in all shapes so show your family, friends, spouses, and children all the love you have for them this holiday.


Items we have so far….

Jewelry and Beading





*note for international shipping…
All of these items are coming from the USA,  shipping prices start around $35 and could be higher which we may not be able to cover. So if you are outside the USA, please be aware you may need to pay for shipping on items.

It’s Moomas Time Again!!

The Holidays are here and its that time of year. Moomas is right around the corner!
Called the Establishment of the Celestial Cow. A time of celebration, feasts, and gift giving. Not unlike the mainstream faiths of the season. One of the things that we would like to do for this holiday season is offer special Moomas Cards!

The designs were donated by A’Aqytsekhmet for the holiday season. They are available to be downloaded and printed out. We do ask for a small donation for the chance to have these cards. Whatever you can afford would be greatly appreciated.

The images below are numbered and titled for easy picking. If you would like to have all four designs we would suggest a donation of $10 or more to make it fair to the artist and their donation of their time.





Once you have made your donation please email the ‘receipt’ to fundraisers@kemet.org and please note which design you like. The cards will be emailed to you in attachment as images. They are made for 8.5×11 paper. There are two cards per paper so you can cut them in half and have folding cards to write personal messages. All cards will be sent at the end of each work day so that everyone receives them at once. Thank you for your patience!

Donate herehttp://www.kemet.org/donate



For a special moomas surprise A’Aqyt has agreed to create 5 custom cards for the people who donate $25 or more. The custom image will be sent to you for your own use and the card file will also be sent for you. If you got a slot but want to donate the image for public card use you can do that as well and be our Secret Card Cow. Due to the time and effort put into the cards there are only 5 slots available at this time. Please Donate first then send your ‘reiceipt’ to fundraisers@kemet.org. Make sure to note that you would like to create a custom card with your donation. Also make a note about which Name you would like featured in your image or other detail you would like included, such as a greeting.

Should more spots be needed or the artist has the time they can be opened up. Just keep an eye out on the forums.



Goal MET!

So we have a bit of news on our Fundraising goal.
A few months back we set a goal to raise $5000 to finish off the bill on the boiler at Tawy. This past week we were told that not only did we reach the goal but we made even a little more to help with monthly costs!!!

Thanks to everyone who donated money, your time, services, and items for Tawy and the House! Your hard work and dedication is amazing. The upcoming House Auction will help to solidify funds for winter and whatever surprises may come up. Thank you all again for your help and lets enjoy the auction!