Contest pieces and update!!

With the Praises of Netjer Contest behind us I am happy to say all the pieces are complete!
All designs can be placed on higher quality materials or objects. The deisgn was first posted on a cheaper, less expensive item to reduce costs.

Nit Shirt Design titled Nit of the Bow

Heqat Shirt Design titled Heqat Who Flourishes

Montu Shirt Design titled Montu Mighty Falcon

The First place package is also up!
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Nit Painting will be donated to Tawy to Nit’s shrine space.

Nit’s Song done by Saryt is a lovely companion to the painting and is available for listening on


We are also still hoping to make our $5000 goal by Retreat!! There are many ways to help raise the funds! Check those out here.

There is also going to be a Private House of Netjer Auction in August. That information can be found on the House of Netjer forum!

Keep your eyes posted for all other updates. We are waiting on updated numbers to adjust our goal bar.

Reaching for Our Goal : Fundraising Update

Em hotep!

I hope everyone is enjoying their budding summer. With trips to be taken and Retreat only a few months away we are still aiming for our goal of $5000 by Retreat! We are getting together the numbers so far so please be patient with us. We did receive word that Amazon Smile donations are at $50 from January through March. Give Amazon Smile a chance when you are shopping for yourself, Retreat, or all those summer birthdays!

We are still working on the Praises of Netjer donation items for everyone and are looking forward to sharing them with you.

We have gotten many wonderful donations through our Donation Services. If you find something you like they are all reasonably priced. There are artistic pieces, custom ordered jewelry, music transcription service, and much more!

As you go through the summer remember to keep in mind all the ways that make it easy to give back to the community. Whether you are selling on ebay on HoN behalf, or just give a little along with Amazon purchases, it all makes a difference in helping take care of HoN and Tawy.
Entry on the many ways can be found here.

Praises of Netjer Contest : WINNERS!!!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. We had so much fun bringing this competition to life and seeing how many people where eager to get in on it. We have raised $683 through this contest to help up make a dent in the $5000. We are still aiming to raise $5000 by Retreat, so please remember Tawy in your thoughts as we enter summer. So without further chit-chat, your winners are….


1st Place: 15 Votes – NIT!
2nd Place: 14 votes – Heqat
3rd Place: 9 votes – Montu

1st place wins: A painting for their shrine in TAWY. A song dedicated to them by our wonderful Saryt. And a custom T-shirt design that will be available at low cost on Zazzle (link will be posted later)

2nd & 3rd place wins: A custom T-shirt design that will be available at low cost on Zazzle (link will be posted later)


Nit – 15
Heqat – 14
Montu – 9
Nefertem – 8
Hethert – 7
Bast – 6
Amunet – 2
Her-sa-Aset – 2
Ra – 1
Nebt-het – 1
Mafdet – 1
Khnum – 1
Bes – 1
Wesir – 1
Heruakhety – 1
Mehen – 1
Sekhmet – 1
Djehuty – 1
Wepwawet – 1
Renenutet – 1
Heru-Wer – 1

Cast your Vote : Praises of Netjer Contest!

Praises of Netjer Contest!

So we will be holding a contest as part of our Fundraising towards our goal of $5000!!! This contest is pretty simple. Votes will be cast towards a Name, any of them, and the winning Name will have two wonderful pieces created in their honor and donated to the House for the community to enjoy! The items to be created are a song, donated by our lovely Sarytsenuwi, and a painting by A’Aqytsekhmet. These files will be free to download by everyone in the community and will focus on the winning Name!

Here is how it works!

To vote for a Name you simply donate to the House with a noted indicating you want to vote in the contest and who you are voting for. Something like this….

First: Go to Our Donation Page
Then you can do a one time donation. Click the One-time donation button

Second: You will be taken to PayPal Donation screen
The screen will have a + symbol where you can write a Note.

Third: Fill in your Contest Entry!
In the note section put in the contest name and the god you would like to vote for!

Finally: Hit the Donate Button!
All donations are welcome. There is no minimum for voting. Every little bit helps!

The results will be updated here as we get them. On top of everyone being able to have the files the painting will also be donated to Tawy for that Name’s shrine. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys the products of this contest!!

This contest will last until April 30th!


Contest: Currently there are no names entered!

Financial Needs and New Goal!!

Em hotep!

As FUNdraising Bak it is my goal to keep everyone up to date and in the know on our current needs. We have been checking in with Tawy needs and know of two things that need some attention.
First those nice boiler repairs are still in need of some payment.
We are currently looking at a bill of $5000 for that. We are hoping to raise this particular sum by Retreat!
That is only a few months away and I know we can do it!! I will keep this goal updated and keep the topic fresh in our minds.

I have posted on ways you can help our community and ways to benefit from all we have to offer. You can find that link here.

We are also in the process of creating an ebay tutorial for anyone who may want to sell on ebay for the House but don’t know how. So keep your eyes out for that. For now let’s keep doing our best. Check out Helping Tawy and browse our wonderful services!

Fundraising Update and Information

Em hotep!
As we are still getting updated on the needs of the House and Tawy I wanted to remind people of the many ways to contribute to the House. As well as give you an update on Tawy and some new features in our fundraising efforts!

Having funds set aside for the House and especially for Tawy is important. Winter in the midwest has been up and down which contributes to wear on everyone’s property. Our local Tawy contact is hoping to get some solid maintenance and upkeep numbers once the snow season ends. Specifically we will be looking over how this winter has effected Tawy. Please remember Tawy is a resource for everyone and is there for all of us to use. More and more events are being held at Tawy for the community so we are always in need of funds to keep it in its best condition to continue to be of use for everyone.

If you would like to help with fundraising but do not feel comfortable donating money or don’t have the ability to at this time no worries!  There are many things you can do to help out.

Whether you have time to volunteer in the fundraising staff or to volunteer a skill or service for donation gifts. We are always in need of people who are willing to give us a hand. Having a variety of donation gifts motivates donators and gives us the ability to give something back to those who donate. If you are interested in contributing a skill, service, or item as a donation gift please email me. Or check out the Donation Gifts page.

Ebay Auctioning
Even if you are unable to contribute time or services we have a new way people can help. Through ebay a person can auction an item and donate a certain amount of the profit to the House. The percentage of donation can be pin pointed by the seller. Everything from 10% to 100%. If you do have some extra items you have been wanting out of your house you can use this cause to motivate yourself for some spring cleaning! The information can be found here. When you do list an item on ebay feel free to post about it to let people know what is available.

Having local gatherings can be wonderful and spirit feeding. Getting to know your siblings in the House is a great experience. Hosting a meet-up or just attending is the perfect way to bring us all closer as a community! If you are planning to host a meet-up and want to help the House in fundraising, please let us know. There may be a simple or fun way that your meet-up can help Tawy and the House.

Private auction
In the past the House has done its private auction. Nothing has been announced or planned as of yet. But I know people look forward to it and wanted to let you know it hasn’t been forgotten. As we decide our needs  we will update you.

Secret Cow
Secret Cow is a way to get emergency financial help to the people who need it. Found on the forum in the official private forums. Secret Cow can be used to help out anyone in the community who needs it. Anyone in the community can go to Secret Cow for assistance. To donate for the Secret Cow you simply donate to the regular donations for the House with a note that states it is for the Secret Cow and if there is a specific listing you want it towards include that as well. Donations to Secret Cow are anonymous. There may also be items needed for Secret Cow instead of money, depending on the listing. Information on how to donate items will be included in that particular listing. If you are in need and a bind please turn to Secret Cow. All information in regards to secret Cow can be found in its forum.

With so many ways to help we hope everyone is inspired to contribute, spread the word, and get to know the many people in the community who keep this wonderful place going. There are many ways to be a caretaker of this community and these are but a few. Spread the word, get people interested, and we will do the same!


To donate go here

To use ebay auction profits for the House go here

To donate and look through Donation Gifts go here

To buy from our bookstore click here

For more ways to help click here

Feel free to note me or email me about any of the above topics. If you are interested in volunteering for fundraising just let me know.


A’Aqytsekhmet and the Fundraising Team


Today is a great day and we have some things to share! Helping Tawy is moving along swimmingly with some new things to add to it.

So far our we have raised $220! Thank you everyone for helping out and getting us closer to our goal. We continue to seek support as we enter the holiday seasons, aiming to get repairs for Tawy before winter sets in.

Secondly our Donation Gifts list is continuing to grow! We have a wonderfully diverse selection of gifts for our generous benefactors to inquire about. Everything from art to tarot and more! With the holiday season coming up this may be a perfect way to gift items, skills, and more to someone who may need them. Share the love and put the word out there. Everyone may benefit from these services and gifts.

Finally we have some very exciting news! An anonymous contributor has made us a proposition. For every donation made this contributor will match it! It is a wonderful gift to us and we are very grateful. What this means is that for every donation you make it will basically be doubled in the spirit of giving.

Thank you everyone for the continued support! We are excited to watch as Helping Tawy moves towards it’s goal.