Praises of Netjer Contest 2016

Praises of Netjer Contest!

It is that time of year again…

Our second annual Praises of Netjer Contest is here!!!
This contest is pretty simple. Votes will be cast towards a Name, any of them, and the winning
Name will have wonderful pieces created in their honor and donated to the House for the community to enjoy!


First place: Dedicated song that will be featured on our very own Sarytsenuwi’s upcoming album! The album cover art will also feature this top winner and the album art will be made available as a shirt design.

Second place: Will also have a dedicated song on the album.

Third place: Will have a dedicated song on the album.

Songs will be donated by our lovely Sarytsenuwi and the art by A’Aqytsekhmet. These files will be free to download by everyone in the community and will focus on the winning Name!

The album in its entirety will not be made public, but the contest songs will be up on We can’t wait to see how everything turns out! If you want a little taste of what the album and these songs will hold in store here is a Teaser Song!

Here is how it works!

To vote for a Name, simply donate to the House with a note indicating you want to vote in the contest and who you are voting for. Any amount will count as a vote whether it is $1 or more. However you can only cast one vote yourself per day. Below are the steps to cast your vote.

First: Go to Our Donation Page
Then you can do a one time donation. Click the One-time donation button.

Second: You will be taken to PayPal Donation screen
The screen will have a + symbol where you can write a Note.

Third: Fill in your Contest Entry!
In the note section put in the contest name and the god you would like to vote for!

Finally: Hit the Donate Button!
All donations are welcome. There is no minimum for voting. Every little bit helps!

The results will be updated here as we get them. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys the products of this contest!!

This contest will run until May 30th!




Team graphics to use however you find you may like. These are ones from last year as well as a couple new ones!


Using Ebay for Tawy

A lot of information has been spreading about how to use different tools to help the House of Netjer. One of the many ways is to use Ebay. Under the House’s ebay page you can see the items listed where a portion of that sale goes to the House. And you can also sell items and donate a portion of your sale to the House as well! With spring cleaning and de-cluttering happening this may be the time to help through this unique opportunity.

Ebay Page for House of Netjer

An Update

A quick update to let everyone know what is going on. We do have a new goal we are hoping to get to by the end of this month!

Our current immediate need is  $5500.
The base cost of running the temple each month is $3000 and the $2500 is the last bill for the boiler repair. Right now the boiler bill needs urgent attention for the reason that unpaid bills gather interest. So the sooner it is paid the better.

Thank you for your continued support and  help. We truly appreciate the efforts and donations of everyone of you.