Adaptable Kemetic Prayer Book by Rev Tjesi

Hand made adaptable Prayer Book (5×7″).



Rev Tjesi taught a workshop a couple of years ago on how to make one of these prayer books. She is offering to make one for the winner. There will be numerous Zentangles included. There will be prayers she has written or that come from other sources who have given their permission. It will be focused on what ever the winner wishes to pray about. This is a work of love and takes a lot of effort on Rev Tjesi’s part. It will be filled with her love and that of Hethert of Modesto.

As this item takes a lot of work it will be two or three months before it’s done. Rev Tjesi will keep the winner informed of the progress.

Postage in the United States is included in the winning bid. Postage outside of the US will be arranged with the winner after the close of the auction. The winner will need to pay an additional amount for postage to Rev Tjesi. The amount will be agreed on privately.

Retail Value: Given the amount of work and creativity involved the price is difficult to calculate, but we are estimating it at $150.00 US