Baieido – Kai un Koh Incense


Number of winners: One (1) winner.

Value: Retail value is $60.

Delivery: The package can be sent the day after the winner is announced.

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One large box of incense for one person. Approximately 230 sticks, 170g. This is a large box of Baieido’s Kai un Koh incense – known as ‘Good Fortune Incense.’ It is a woody, spicy blend of Vietnamese aloeswood and sandalwood, with borneaol camphor, cloves, and traditional Chinese herbs. The sticks are a little unusual in that they are square rather than round, but they fit perfectly in Morning Star holders. The sticks are complex, and smell beautiful once lit. If you leave the room for a minute or two and come back, some new notes can be noticed. The incense is brand new, with protective bubble wrap and small Japanese note inside. This is not a low smoke incense, producing about the same level as a line like Morning Star. If desired, the winner can also be sent some incense samples from Baieido’s Kobunboku line (Original, Kade, Tokusen), Syukohoku, or J. Sakubei Horyu Koh.

This item was donated by Benerwy.