Custom Themed Digital Painting by Qenebty



Qenebty is offering her services as a digital artist to the Wep Ronpet auction! She will happily make a custom Kemetic-themed digital painting as an offering for winner. The winner may request whichever Netjer/Netjeru they wish to have digitally painted. They will be commissioning this religious artwork from Qenebty. The resulting artwork will be emailed to them in a digital format (so that they can print it at home or have it printed via third party). Samples of her work are shown here.

Quality: high quality full color (350 dpi)

The project will require communication between Qenebty to discuss Who will be included in the picture. After information is received, the painting should be done in around two weeks.

Shipping costs are not involved as the digital painting will be emailed.

Retail Value: Ranges from $20 to $100 US