Devotional Beads Created by Chase



A day without prayer is a day without blessing, and a life without prayer is a life without power.”

-Edwin Harvey-

One way to building a devotional life is ensuring prayer is part of our daily practice, and sometimes it is hard to come to our shrines and know what to say. That is where a prayer set comes in to help begin that communication. Some use prayer sets as the start of their prayer cycle and some use them for specific times or purposes. Whatever the case, Hearthfire Devotions is here to help guide that relationship through our prayer sets. There are two separate prayer sets that we offer, the first is a full set of four decades of nine beads separated by a singular bead to say a longer prayer to your Parent or Beloved. The second set is a bracelet with various charms that are associated with your Parent or Beloved, this set is great for those who are on the go and have a hard time setting time aside for daily prayer. If you are the winner of this auction piece, please reach out to our personal email address [email protected] and our creators would love to work with you to create your personal prayer set! Nekhtet!

The pictures shown here are of work Chase has done for Nordic Gods. The show the quality and craftsmanship that will go into the work that will be done for the winner. Chase cannot give an estimate of how long before the beads can be sent out as he will need to work with the winner to determine what will be used and then time will depend on where those items can be purchased. He will keep the winner informed of progress.

Shipping is included in the bid.

Retail Value: Depending on contents and size value can be up to $80 US