Divination by Uneb for 5 Winners



Uneb will do a standard 3 card draw divination for each winner. If the winner’s bid goes over $20, they will  get up to 5 clarifying cards (5 being the max, but all 5 may not be used or needed for clarification!) This is a sit down reading that Uneb do in their home, and will send pictures of the spread to the winners. The winner has two decks to choose from a fairy deck and an angel deck.
The topic will be of the winners’ choosing. Uneb would prefer it be of a topic they feel comfortable sharing with them, as that will help with their interpretation of the reading if they know the exact question being asked. If no topic is being given or it’s one that they are not comfortable sharing with Uneb, they will still do a reading, but it may not be as specific as desired.
No postage is involved. Readings can happen when the winners arrange a topic with Uneb.