Hethert/Sekhmet Medallion (two sided)


Number of Winners: 1 medal each for two people, separate drawings.

Value: Retail value is $60.00/each.

Delivery: Medallion will be shipped as soon as Neheh can box it and get to the Post Office.



This is a three inch diameter heavy bronze medallion created in 2017, designed by Senuwierneheh, using 3/4 view photos of statues of Hethert and Sekhmet as guides. It was minted by Medallic Arts Company. The actual color is in between the front/back photo colors.  Also, a small wooden stand to hold the medallion is included.  Neheh has donated two of these medallions to the raffle for two winners. She passed along that Hethert-Sekhmet would love to bless you through this piece.