Kuan Yin Handcarved Statue



Shaseni is offering this hand carved wooden statue of Kuan Yin (Guanyin, Guanshiyin, Kannon*, and other spellings). It is hewn from wildwood and originated in Malaysia.

From Shaseni: “Kuan Yin is the female form of Avalokiteśvara. She is called “Goddess of Mercy” and “She who hears the cries of the world.” She is a bodhisattva associated with compassion, and some say She is a buddha whose role is to teach others how to be a bodhisattva. Her temples are many throughout the Asian world, and Her statues are very popular, both small and large—nine of the 21 tallest statues in the world are of Her.

Wherever I worked—Malaysia, South Korea, or Japan—I always made a point of visiting Her temples. At each temple, if possible, I consulted the Kuan Yin Oracle using Kau Chim divination. I was later to rewrite the one hundred poems of this Oracle as dictated by Her. I still consult this Oracle from time to time today.

I bought this statue in Kuala Lumpur while working there in the mid 2000s. She has since traveled 11,000 miles! She is one of the twenty statues of Her that I have around the apartment. Perhaps you can never have too many statues of Kuan Yin, but I have limited space, which I need for the Netjeru, and it is time to share Her blessing.”

Approximate dimensions: 10½” tall x 7″ wide x 4¼” deep (267 mm x 178 mm x 108 mm)

Weight: 2lbs 9.4oz (1173 grams)

Type of wood: unknown

Original price sticker is still on base: RM 88.00 (about $32 today, allowing for exchange rates and inflation).

Shipping would be arranged separately with Shaseni after the end of the auction. The item will be shipped within a week after Shaseni receives the shipping funds.

*Yes, the famous Japanese camera company is named after Her!