Lord of the Silent by Elizabeth Peters – Book 16 in the Amelia Peabody Series

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Rev Zat has provided us with one of the Amelia Peabody series Victorian Archeologist books. It is a hardback book in good condition.
Shipping is not included in the bid, however, Rev Zat may waive the costs on completion of the auction.


In this installment, which takes place during the 1915–1916 season, newlyweds Ramses and Nefret Emerson spend their time living on their family’s dahabeeyah on the Nile, while the rest of the group remains at the house near Giza, where their excavations continue. Between the antics of Ramses’ former associates in the smuggling trade, the reappearance of the Master Criminal, and yet another unknown adversary with a rich find, little time is permitted for romance…but of course, the younger Emersons make the most of it.

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