Personal Kemetic Themed Journal in PDF Form by Rev Tjesi

Kemetic themed journal personalized for the winner that can be printed as many times as desired.



This is a personal journal that will be created for the winner. It will contain black and white images of the Netjeru in the winner’s line up and anyOne else desired. Images will be verified with the winner to make sure they match what the winner wishes. The length of the journal is decided by the winner. Rev Tjesi will email a PDF of the journal in it’s final state to the winner and the winner may print as many copies as desired. The journal can be bound, or hole punched to put in a binder. Those expenses are on the winner. Rev Tjesi is only providing the PDF.

As this item requires communication between the winner and Rev Tjesi, if the winner is timely in responding to emails, the process should take no more than two months. Rev Tjesi will be in contact with the winner regarding the status of the project.

There is no postage or shipping involved. Rev Tjesi will send a PDF via email to the winner.

Retail value: $45.00 US