Sekhmet of Nekhen Iakhu Ihy Neferu Khau regalia of the Year of Nesret



Each state icon wear ribbons of the color(s) of the year for the year. Last year, the year of Nesret, Rev Ma’atnofret made her regalia in the form of a friendship bracelet.

This “bracelet” regalia was worn by Sekhmet of Nekhen Iakhu Ihy Neferu Khau and absorbed the essence of this shrine’s Sekhmet.

Shipping is included if the winner is within the United States. If the winner is outside of the United States they will need to arrange to pay Rev Ma’atnofret for the shipping. The regalia will be shipped within one or two weeks of the end of the auction or when the shipping funds are received.

Retail Value: $7 US