The Eye of Horus by Carol Thurston (fiction)

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A fabled age of wonder and terror comes to breathtaking life in a uniquely original masterwork of suspense that seamlessly blends the mystery and majesty of an ancient land with the astounding technology of modem-day forensic investigation.

The Eye Of Horus

In Egypt in the year 1359 B.C., during the reign of the young Tutankhamen, a girl child is birthed in secret by the beautiful Nefertiti, once queen to the heretic Akhenaten. Fathered by Ramose, who is soon to become high priest of Amen, the girl is destined to be a pawn in the power struggle for the throne, caught in the deadly snare of court-temple intrigue.

Thirty-three centuries later, medical illustrator Kate McKinnon stumbles upon a disturbing mystery from this ancient world. Hired by the Egyptology department of a Denver museum to create displays for an exhibit, she encounters a fascinating enigma: the mummy of a young female, her ribs broken, her hand shattered, and a man’s skull between her legs.

With the aid of radiologist Max Cavanaugh, Kate employs the most up-to-the-minute forensic and imaging techniques in hopes of unraveling the millennia-old puzzle. And as remarkable secrets come to light under their expert scrutiny, a parallel story begins to unfold of a young girl born into a nest of vipers — and her tragic destiny in an age when stone pyramids loomed over the silently shifting sands and godlike pharaohs reigned in unimaginable splendor. As the two stories coincide — one contemporary, the other as old and inscrutable as the Sphinx — Kate finds herself on a twisting path laced at every turn with unexpected discoveries and peril, all leading her deep into the darkest shadows of ancient Kemet … and ever closer to the shocking revelations of a crime so staggering, its horrific power remains undiminished by the relentless passage of time.


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