Three Used Books about Ancient Egypt


Number of winners: One (1) winner will receive all three books.

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Delivery: Weshemitui will ship the books as soon as the winner send her their address.

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Three used books about Egypt will be shipped to the winner of this raffle by Weshemitui. The books are:

  • The Egyptians by Barbara Watterson. An account of the Egyptians spanning from the first settlers in the Nile Valley to present day.
  • Love Lyrics of Ancient Egypt translated by Barbara Hughes Fowler. A book containing translations of love songs and poems through ancient Egypt.
  • Maut: A Story of Ancient Egypt by Sheila Leonis. This is a fictional story about a Western author in Memphis, Egypt is transported b ack in time to ancient Egypt.

Some of the books may have markings in them as they are used.