Spiritual Services



Tarot Reading
Gifted by: A’Aqytsekhmet
Description of Service: 15 minute tarot reading.
Donation price: $15

Morgan’s Tarot Reading
Gifted by: Rayashi
Description of Service: Offering three options, from my favorite deck of all time!  First, is a three card spread covering a specific issue.  Second, is a general seasonal forecast over the next year.  Third, is a ten card spread (similar to the traditional Celtic cross) which covers a range of areas and time frames.  Each reading will include a complete interpretation in typed format and digital photograph of the layout.

3-Card: $5.00
4-Card: $10.00
10-Card: $15.00

Tarot Readings
Gifted by: Sekhmetyanu
Description of Service: Tarot divination reading.
Donation price: $5

Divination: Tarot, Cartomancy, or Oracle 
Gifted by: Tatjasobekra
Description of Service: Results written and emailed. 5 card spread max.
Donation price: $10

Tarot Reading with the Shield of Sekhmet Spread
Gifted by: Obsydian
Description of Service: Three cards will aid you in finding your personal power. You will get a graphical PDF of the cards and reading.
Donation price: $8





Personal Witchcraft Course
Gifted by: Tatjasobekra
Description of Service: Over the span of one month. Each week will focus on what you choose to learn and homework based on this. Teacher will answer all questions and regarding lessons.
Donation price: $100



Gifted by: Tatjasobekra
Description of Service: Spellwork done on your behalf. Prior conversation needed before task is performed.
Donation price: $25

Spellwork Kit
Gifted by: Tatjasobekra
Description of Service: Prior conversation needed before package is sent. With ingredients and directions included for easy act of magick.
Donation price: $40

Spellwork Powders
Gifted by: Tatjasobekra
Description of Service: Prior conversation needed before item is sent. Powder and instructions included.
Donation price: $12



Energy Healing
Gifted by: Tabauamunet
Description of Service: 30min Distance Reiki Healing Session
Donation price: $20

Energy Healing (Reiki Healing Grid)
Gifted by: Tabauamunet
Description of Service: Reiki Healing Grid – This is a technique taught to Reiki Masters to allow for on-going healing as long as the grid is intact, even without the Master present. This results in a 24hr stream of healing Reiki energy for the intended client until the grid is dismantled. Can provide a 3-month reiki grid, for 3 months of continuous healing energy.
Donation price: $50

30 Minute Crystal Healing Session
Gifted by: Arefsenu
Description of Service: For mental or physical ailments, as well as general well-being. Stones will be specifically selected depending on the person’s individual needs. The 30 minute session will take place over IM preferably, and the crystal grid will be left set up 24 hours after the session to continue to channel the energy. Photos of the grid will be supplied.
Donation price: $15

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