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This website is dedicated to fundraising efforts for the House of Netjer.

Your donations allow for the daily functioning of our temple, which helps bring people together in community and in Ma'at.

Em hotep (in peace)!

Welcome to Helping Tawy! The word Tawy means “The Two Lands.” In ancient Egypt, these two lands referred to the Red lands of the deserts and the Black fertile lands of the Nile valley and delta. It represented a place of distinct contrast. Today, we embrace the vast contrasts of the lands we all live in as members of Kemetic Orthodoxy spread across the world. Therefore, we regard the term “Tawy” as a synonym for "Home." The House of Netjer is our spiritual home. This website will promote all the various ways that we can help our home, Tawy. Currently the website is undergoing renovations, so please keep an eye on it as we add exciting events and opportunities to support the House of Netjer!

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