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We are the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer, a modern reconstruction of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Religion. We experience the wonder of the world through the many Names of the Kemetic Gods, and our members reside on all inhabited continents, encompassing more than twenty-five countries. Our main temple exists within its own building States in the city of Joliet, Illinois, USA along with many state shrines and personal shrines across the world. This main temple is the seat of our religion, a place where our practitioners can experience our Gods as a community as well as a shrine where many of our Gods reside. This place is known as Tawy House, the House of the Two Lands.

Tawy House exists through the generosity and support of its members and friends of the faith. Through donations of both time and money, our members maintain the integrity of our house of worship through repair and maintenance of the structure itself and through proper payments on our utilities and other costs. This website is dedicated to raising funds for our temple’s maintenance and other temple-specific costs.

Throughout this website, we have many options available to help support our temple, including goods available in our online store, services offered by our members in exchange for temple funding, or direct monetary donation. We are legally registered with and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States as a 501(c)3 as a non-profit religious institution.

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