Shops Offering Donations

Below is a listing of shops currently offering donations to the House of Netjer directly through their online shops. We are grateful to everyone who has donated their time and energy to support us!

Incense and Oil for Yinepu and Wepwawet
Gifted by: Tatuayinepu of Anubeion
For the month of May, Tatua is offering oils and incense dedicated to Yinepu and Wepwawet.┬áIf you’re interested, you may PayPal her whatever amount you wish to donate, plus 4.00 US Domestic or 13.00 International shipping. Her PayPal is

Journey Into Egypt Tarot Reading
Gifted by: Jennifer
Jennifer is offering a total of 10 readings for $10.00 per reading (limited to 3 cards and one question). Her goal is to raise $100 for the House of Netjer. PM her via the House of Netjer forums with a screen shot of your $10 donation to the House as well as your question and a valid email where she can send the reading.