How to Help

Hotep and hello to all friends and supporters!

Listed below are some different ways to help support Tawy House.

Direct Monetary Donation

Please click here to donate money to the House of Netjer on a one time or recurring basis. Your money will be used for Temple renovations and bills. Alternately, we also have a general fund that is used to cover miscellaneous temple costs as various needs arise. The buttons on this page will direct you to Paypal to complete your donation. Once the donation process is complete, your receipt for your donation will be emailed to you by Paypal.

Help us by Purchasing from our Online Stores

Help the House of Netjer by getting a little something for yourself (or someone dear to you)! We have two online bookstores whose proceeds directly support Tawy House. Our bookstore includes a wide variety of titles on Egyptian spirituality written by our spiritual leader Rev. Tamara Siuda, and our selections have a reading difficulty ranging from general audience to academic/professional audience. We also have several collections of creative works inspired by Egyptian spirituality published by the House of Netjer available at our lulu store.

Help us by Shopping

You don’t need to buy from us to support us. Through programs like Amazon Smile and, all you need to do is your own shopping!

Amazon Smile

By shopping through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of any purchase through to the House of Netjer. Simply sign up through this website and select House of Netjer as your non-profit of choice. Are you planning on buying a new DVD box set, or maybe some new toys for your pooch? Are you getting next semester’s textbooks online, or perhaps doing some Christmas shopping from home? Amazon Smile will allow you to turn that purchase into a donation without any fees or extra effort on your part.

Unlike Amazon Smile, the option allows you to donate by purchasing from a wide variety of different websites. Simply go to, click “Choose Cause,” and then select “The House of Netjer.”

When you use the iGive search engine, it finds your item on multiple different websites and lists the percent donation that the House of Netjer recieves if you purchase from that site. Many well known retailers such as Barnes and Noble and PetSmart support iGive.

Thank you!

The Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer thanks you for your kindness and generosity. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would also like to point out that Humble Bundle has House of Netjer listed on their charities list, so anyone who might use Humble Bundle should keep that in mind.

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