Shop with Us

There are many ways to help Tawy and the House of Netjer. Including using shopping sights that can give back. Through many sites such as AmazonSmile and Ebay you can purchase items in which a portion of the sale helps Tawy. It is just that little extra that helps both the buyer and the charity. Below are some helpful links to use when making your next purchase.


Amazon Smile

By shopping through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of any purchase through to the House of Netjer. Simply sign up through this website and select House of Netjer as your non-profit of choice. Are you planning on buying a new DVD box set, or maybe some new toys for your pooch? Are you getting next semester’s textbooks online, or perhaps doing some Christmas shopping from home? Amazon Smile will allow you to turn that purchase into a donation without any fees or extra effort on your part

Unlike Amazon Smile, the option allows you to donate by purchasing from a wide variety of different websites. Simply go to, click “Choose Cause,” and then select “The House of Netjer.”

When you use the iGive search engine, it finds your item on multiple different websites and lists the percent donation that the House of Netjer recieves if you purchase from that site. Many well known retailers such as Barnes and Noble and PetSmart support iGive.


Through ebay a person can auction an item and donate a certain amount of the profit to the House. The percentage of donation can be pin pointed by the seller. Everything from 10% to 100%. If you do have some extra items you have been wanting out of your house you can use this cause to motivate yourself for some spring cleaning! The information can be found here. When you do list an item on ebay feel free to post about it to let people know what is available. Items available to purchase that will also benefit Tawy are listed on the page as well.

Kemet Bookstore

Make sure to also check out our very own bookstore! Our publications can be found on Lulu. Give it a look and see if something catches your eye.

Humble Bundle

Easy as one, two, three! Go to the site, select House of Netjer for your charity, then buy games! Really simple and fun.