First Fundraising Goal: Raise for Repairs!

Along with the release of our new website, the Helping Tawy staff is kicking things off with our first official Fundraising Goal: Raise for Repairs! 

With winter on its way, and news reports calling for a rough one, it is very important that Tawy House be prepared for the chill. As residents of colder areas know, keeping the plumbing system of a building in good, working order is a vital part of this preparation. Tawy House has had a rough go of it lately when it comes to her pipes: boiler repair and a ceiling leak have left us in need of $3000 to pay off the maintenance workers, to remain in good standing with their company in the months ahead. This is on top of the other standard costs for maintaining a reasonably-sized building throughout a cool, Chicago autumn.

HelpingTawy needs to pay this off, and we need to do so by the end of October. It’s a big goal for our first effort, but we believe that we can make it happen through your generosity, and your willingness to reach out to others.

Here’s how to help:

1.) Visit our How to Help page. Make a direct donation there, or use Amazon Smile or iGive as you start looking ahead to winter holiday shopping this month.

2.) Check out our bookstore and pick up that text or journal you have been thinking about purchasing for yourself or a friend!

3.) Consider contributing a gift of service as a way of inspiring other donors to give!

4.) Share this website! Get the word out to those who may not have heard of us before.

At the bottom of our home page, you’ll find a counter which the fundraising team will update periodically so you can track how our Raise for Repairs efforts are going. Let’s make this happen!



Helping Tawy Release!

The House of Netjer’s fundraising team is excited to announce the release of our new site,! This website will serve as the virtual hub for all ongoing fundraising efforts run by members of the Kemetic Orthodox faith. It will also be regularly updated with our current goals for the upkeep and repair of Tawy House, and will provide frequent blog posts about our projects so that you can see how your generous donations are being put to good use.

The website is divided into four main sections:

1.) Main PageThe main page of our new site is where you can find our blog, which will detail our current fundraising goals and keep you updated with new projects and publications for purchase that will benefit the House of Netjer.

2.) Who We Are: This page explains a bit more about Kemetic Orthodoxy, describing our mission statement as a nonprofit religious institution, and providing links to our other websites.

3.) How To HelpThis section of our site lists ways you can donate to the House of Netjer that will be available on a permanent basis, either via direct donation or via various shopping options.

4.) Current EffortsMembers of the House are generously working on different projects to help raise money. This page will provide access to gifted donation incentives, and other Member-run fundraising projects.

We hope that you will explore our new website and consider contributing to the ongoing work of the House of Netjer. Please share this website with friends and family who might also wish to learn more about what we do and might be able to help us with our fundraising efforts. Many thanks!

Senebty (May you be healthy/Farewell),


Helping Tawy — New and Improved

As you may have noticed, our website is currently in a bit of a transitional period.

We hope to have it up and running quite soon, with an explanation of how your donations — be they financial or a gift of service — can help Tawy House!

Please stay tuned for future updates.