Monthly Archives: September 2014

First Fundraising Goal: Raise for Repairs!

Along with the release of our new website, the Helping Tawy staff is kicking things off with our first official Fundraising Goal: Raise for Repairs!  With winter on its way, and news reports calling for a rough one, it is very important that Tawy House be prepared for the chill. As residents of colder areas know, keeping the plumbing system of…

Helping Tawy Release!

The House of Netjer’s fundraising team is excited to announce the release of our new site,! This website will serve as the virtual hub for all ongoing fundraising efforts run by members of the Kemetic Orthodox faith. It will also be regularly updated with our current goals for the upkeep and repair of Tawy House, and will provide frequent…

Helping Tawy — New and Improved

As you may have noticed, our website is currently in a bit of a transitional period. We hope to have it up and running quite soon, with an explanation of how your donations — be they financial or a gift of service — can help Tawy House! Please stay tuned for future updates. -Sarytsenuwi