Cast your Vote : Praises of Netjer Contest!

Praises of Netjer Contest!

So we will be holding a contest as part of our Fundraising towards our goal of $5000!!! This contest is pretty simple. Votes will be cast towards a Name, any of them, and the winning Name will have two wonderful pieces created in their honor and donated to the House for the community to enjoy! The items to be created are a song, donated by our lovely Sarytsenuwi, and a painting by A’Aqytsekhmet. These files will be free to download by everyone in the community and will focus on the winning Name!

Here is how it works!

To vote for a Name you simply donate to the House with a noted indicating you want to vote in the contest and who you are voting for. Something like this….

First: Go to Our Donation Page
Then you can do a one time donation. Click the One-time donation button

Second: You will be taken to PayPal Donation screen
The screen will have a + symbol where you can write a Note.

Third: Fill in your Contest Entry!
In the note section put in the contest name and the god you would like to vote for!

Finally: Hit the Donate Button!
All donations are welcome. There is no minimum for voting. Every little bit helps!

The results will be updated here as we get them. On top of everyone being able to have the files the painting will also be donated to Tawy for that Name’s shrine. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys the products of this contest!!

This contest will last until April 30th!


Contest: Currently there are no names entered!

Financial Needs and New Goal!!

Em hotep!

As FUNdraising Bak it is my goal to keep everyone up to date and in the know on our current needs. We have been checking in with Tawy needs and know of two things that need some attention.
First those nice boiler repairs are still in need of some payment.
We are currently looking at a bill of $5000 for that. We are hoping to raise this particular sum by Retreat!
That is only a few months away and I know we can do it!! I will keep this goal updated and keep the topic fresh in our minds.

I have posted on ways you can help our community and ways to benefit from all we have to offer. You can find that link here.

We are also in the process of creating an ebay tutorial for anyone who may want to sell on ebay for the House but don’t know how. So keep your eyes out for that. For now let’s keep doing our best. Check out Helping Tawy and browse our wonderful services!