Reaching for Our Goal : Fundraising Update

Em hotep!

I hope everyone is enjoying their budding summer. With trips to be taken and Retreat only a few months away we are still aiming for our goal of $5000 by Retreat! We are getting together the numbers so far so please be patient with us. We did receive word that Amazon Smile donations are at $50 from January through March. Give Amazon Smile a chance when you are shopping for yourself, Retreat, or all those summer birthdays!

We are still working on the Praises of Netjer donation items for everyone and are looking forward to sharing them with you.

We have gotten many wonderful donations through our Donation Services. If you find something you like they are all reasonably priced. There are artistic pieces, custom ordered jewelry, music transcription service, and much more!

As you go through the summer remember to keep in mind all the ways that make it easy to give back to the community. Whether you are selling on ebay on HoN behalf, or just give a little along with Amazon purchases, it all makes a difference in helping take care of HoN and Tawy.
Entry on the many ways can be found here.

Praises of Netjer Contest : WINNERS!!!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. We had so much fun bringing this competition to life and seeing how many people where eager to get in on it. We have raised $683 through this contest to help up make a dent in the $5000. We are still aiming to raise $5000 by Retreat, so please remember Tawy in your thoughts as we enter summer. So without further chit-chat, your winners are….


1st Place: 15 Votes – NIT!
2nd Place: 14 votes – Heqat
3rd Place: 9 votes – Montu

1st place wins: A painting for their shrine in TAWY. A song dedicated to them by our wonderful Saryt. And a custom T-shirt design that will be available at low cost on Zazzle (link will be posted later)

2nd & 3rd place wins: A custom T-shirt design that will be available at low cost on Zazzle (link will be posted later)


Nit – 15
Heqat – 14
Montu – 9
Nefertem – 8
Hethert – 7
Bast – 6
Amunet – 2
Her-sa-Aset – 2
Ra – 1
Nebt-het – 1
Mafdet – 1
Khnum – 1
Bes – 1
Wesir – 1
Heruakhety – 1
Mehen – 1
Sekhmet – 1
Djehuty – 1
Wepwawet – 1
Renenutet – 1
Heru-Wer – 1