Contest pieces and update!!

With the Praises of Netjer Contest behind us I am happy to say all the pieces are complete!
All designs can be placed on higher quality materials or objects. The deisgn was first posted on a cheaper, less expensive item to reduce costs.

Nit Shirt Design titled Nit of the Bow

Heqat Shirt Design titled Heqat Who Flourishes

Montu Shirt Design titled Montu Mighty Falcon

The First place package is also up!
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Nit Painting will be donated to Tawy to Nit’s shrine space.

Nit’s Song done by Saryt is a lovely companion to the painting and is available for listening on


We are also still hoping to make our $5000 goal by Retreat!! There are many ways to help raise the funds! Check those out here.

There is also going to be a Private House of Netjer Auction in August. That information can be found on the House of Netjer forum!

Keep your eyes posted for all other updates. We are waiting on updated numbers to adjust our goal bar.

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