Gods Upon the Year Contest

Gods Upon the Year Contest


Em hotep and welcome to the Gods Upon the Year Contest!

This year our contests are going to be a little different. In previous years we have celebrated Netjer with fun and pleasant competition for a month. This year we are going to play a different game!

Starting September 1st we will be having the Gods Upon the Year Contest that will last until July 31st. This is a year long contest but it will work a little differently than before!


How this works….

Throughout this year every month a god will be ‘appointed’ to the month. This is secular month to match the Donation Tracker. The basis is that the donation made during that month will be the number that god gets for the year. At the end of the year the god whose month had the most donations wins! Not the number of donations but the most money per month.




First Prize:
First place Name will be featured in their own custom forum theme, so the community can enjoy the name all year! They will also be featured in a painting done by A’Aqytsekhmet. The painting will then be raffled off for the community.

Second Prize:
Second place Name will be featured in a drawing by Sedfaiemitui, which will then also be raffled off for the community.

Third Prize:
Third place name will be featured in a digital drawing that will be made free to the community for avatar, fb headers, and other digital needs.


Oh wait, there’s more….

For all the months we make monthly goal the god of that month will get their own custom color forum theme! And just for being part of the contest all gods in this contest will have emoticons made for them!

Shomu List…
Those that are on Shomu list will receive scans of the prize artworks as well. So if you have not checked it out already, look into Shomu list!

Get ready everyone! And have fun.


Donation Page!





September – Ptah


October – Hethert


November – Wesir


December – Mut


January – Sekhmet


February – Nut


March – Renenutet


April – Min


May – Bast


June – Heru-wer


July – Aset

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