Make it by Moo-mas: SUCCESS!

It’s admittedly been a little over a week since The Establishment of the Celestial Cow on December 25th, but sometimes good news is worth the wait.

Thanks to your tremendous generosity, we passed the $3000 goal mark on the evening of the 24th, and have been able to put the money towards the much needed pipe repairs!

There’s always more work to be done admittedly, and we’ll have information for you soon regarding our next fundraising project, but for now give yourself a well deserved “Nekhtet!” and read on for a few exciting updates from the HelpingTawy team:


1.) Starting within the next two weeks, you can look forward to receiving monthly updates from Awibemhethert via that will share the details of how your donations have been put to the best possible use for Tawy House!

2.) In celebration of “Red Week,” the House of Netjer’s week long festival in honor of the god Set which will kick off 2015, we will be selling a stunning journal full to the brim with art and writings by our temple members. Stay tuned for this exciting release!

Blessings to you and yours at the start of the new year, and thank you again for all of your continued help for our temple!

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