Praises of Netjer 2016 Contest : RESULTS

Our 2016 Praises of Netjer Contest is officially OVER!!!!

AND our winners are…

In first place, 39 votes, having won a feature song, album cover art and tshirt design is AMUN-RA!!!!!

In second place, at 35 votes, winning a feature song is Heru-sa-Aset!!!

And, a new development! In third place, at 32 votes EACH are Set and Wenut!!!!

This has truly been an intense contest this year. All the teams have done great and we have doubled the winnings of the contest since last year! We have had more votes that ever. Congratulations teams. This was fun.

The winnings will be made available as they are created. I hope everyone had fun! Join us again next year for another contest.


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