Today is a great day and we have some things to share! Helping Tawy is moving along swimmingly with some new things to add to it.

So far our we have raised $220! Thank you everyone for helping out and getting us closer to our goal. We continue to seek support as we enter the holiday seasons, aiming to get repairs for Tawy before winter sets in.

Secondly our Donation Gifts list is continuing to grow! We have a wonderfully diverse selection of gifts for our generous benefactors to inquire about. Everything from art to tarot and more! With the holiday season coming up this may be a perfect way to gift items, skills, and more to someone who may need them. Share the love and put the word out there. Everyone may benefit from these services and gifts.

Finally we have some very exciting news! An anonymous contributor has made us a proposition. For every donation made this contributor will match it! It is a wonderful gift to us and we are very grateful. What this means is that for every donation you make it will basically be doubled in the spirit of giving.

Thank you everyone for the continued support! We are excited to watch as Helping Tawy moves towards it’s goal.

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