Raise for Repairs: Make it by Moo-mas!

Em hotep, to my siblings in the faith, and nekhtet!

In the month of October, through your kindness and generosity, we raised over $1500 for Tawy House!

This has made a tremendous difference for the House: we were able to start to pay off some of the repairs for the damaged pipes, and we replaced the Tawy refrigerator (may the old, deceased fridge rest in pieces).

We accomplished this during one of the most notoriously difficult fundraising months for any non-profit, and that speaks volumes about you. 

But while you should definitely be giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back right about now, the journey isn’t over yet! We would like to make the other half of our original $3000 goal by December 25th, a holiday in the faith known as The Establishment of the Celestial Cow (often nicknamed “Moo-mas” given its overlap with Christmas), to make absolutely sure that Tawy House is set to go for the remainder of the winter months.

I again encourage you to sign up to support “The House of Netjer” through smile.amazon.com, particularly as we head into the season of gifts and giving.

I also suggest that you take a look at our many donor gifts: perhaps one strikes your fancy that might suit as a gift for someone else as we enter the holiday season!

Give as you can, share as you can, and I know that we can make this goal by December 25th!


Saryt and the Fundraising Team

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